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A New Perspective on Gun Violence



The victims of gun violence aren't just the ones who get shot. What happens after you pull the trigger? The new feature documentary, Behind the Bullet, explores a side of gun violence that’s rarely talked about —the impact a shooting has on the shooter.


Every year, 32,000 people are killed by guns in America. Each shooting devastates and forever changes the victim’s family and friends. The new feature documentary, Behind the Bullet, explores a side of gun violence that’s rarely talked about- the impact a shooting has on the shooter. The film answers the question, what does shooting and killing someone do to a person whose intentions are good. Each subject in the film tells the story of how the pull of a trigger changed them emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually. The complexity of each scenario plays out as they describe the conflicting emotions and moral injury that comes after a self-defense shooting, an accidental shooting or an unintentional shooting.

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Heidi Yewman

Heidi Yewman, Producer & Director

Heidi became involved in gun violence prevention in 1999 after her former basketball coach and teacher, Dave Sanders was killed in the Columbine High School massacre along with 12 students. Heidi was a graduate of Columbine.

In 2009 she wrote the book, Beyond the Bullet: Personal Stories of Gun Violence Aftermath that profiles 19 people forever altered by the impact of gun violence. She is an advocate for gun safety and sits on the boards of The Brady Campaign and Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence and Stop our Shootings.  In this role she regularly meets with legislators, parent groups and school administrators to promote safety campaigns like the ASK Campaign, which encourages parents to ask if there’s a gun in houses where their kids play.

Heidi has authored articles in USA Today, Ms. Magazine, The Seattle Times, The Oregonian and the Vancouver, WA Columbian. Heidi’s  four-part series, My Month With a Gun was published in The Denver Post, Ms. Magazine and The Daily Beast.


Skye Fitzgerald, Producer

Director & Dir./Photography Skye Fitzgerald has produced projects focused on human rights and social justice issues since 1998. Along the way he has collaborated or received support from the Sundance Institute, the U.S. Institute of Peace, the State Department and the Paul Robeson Fund, including being named a Fulbright Research Scholar to produce the film Bombhunters.

Reviewers have characterized Fitzgerald’s work as “emotional and artful,” "...visually brutal" (Variety), “an infuriating study in the ways that power greases the wheels of justice” (LA Weekly), and noted that it “confronts us with injustice” (Voice of America).

As a Director of Photography Fitzgerald has lensed work on a regular basis for clients such as Dateline NBC, VICE News, CNN, Discovery Channel, Mercy Corps, Travel Channel, History Channel, Weinstein Company, ABC, CNBC, NHK, Kaiser Permanente and the Portland Trailblazers.

Fitzgerald is presently producing the feature 101 Seconds and SAR, a film about Search and Rescue operations in the Mediterranean. He recently completed 50 Feet from Syria, a film about doctors working on the Syrian border.

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